Monday, January 2, 2017

Happy New Year!

Sam got a Special Treat to start out the New Year, he got to go to a Colts Game with Oma and Opa!


We arrived at their house just after Breakfast, ready to go!  

Sam got to ride in Opa's Rocket Car.  
He loves to ride in the way back there.  He doesn't even need a booster seat in there. 

Oma and I just thought this was sweet, Opa holding Sam's hand on the way in to the game.

We had to take a photo "with the guy".
I took this, and tweaked it a little, then I posted it to Instagram.  
When we were having our lunch, I tagged it, and it showed up on the Jumbotron!

Sam was so excited to make it up on the Big Screen! 
We kept watching and hoping he'd be on again.  He got up there three times, just with that photo. 

Opa took this photo of Mommy and Sam from our seats, as folks were getting ready for the games. 
This game, they were giving away free T-shirts to the audience.  It was really cool! 

This was a horizontal shot, you can kind of see the shirts on the seats a bit better. 
It was a sea of blue! 

I got this picture of Opa and Sam before the game started.  My Dad later said, I don't know what I was doing with my arm.  I guessed it was an imitation of those football players after they make a touchdown.

I took this picture of Opa and Sam by the field, and since I liked the Sea of Blue better, I posted this one to Instagram and FB too.   This one showed up on the Jumbotron towards the end of the game. 
Turns out Opa had never been on the Big Screen either.  And at this game, he got up there twice. 
Wait until next time he dyes his hair blue and we go, that'll be Awesome! 

This was the T-shirt we won.  
Very Cool. 

Get Loud Lucas Oil! 
We oblige.  
I don't often get an action shot of Sam, but this was one case where I was able to, and it turned out to be my favorite photo of Sam of the day.  

Aren't they cute?! 
When the game finally started, Sam and Opa were hypnotized.  

Sam only lasted about one quarter before asking for his ipad.  But then we started to do badly in the team.  I made him put it back, and wait until halftime.  After the half, in the third quarter (while he played) the team wasn't doing so well.  But I made him put the ipad down for the fourth quarter, and we came back for a pretty miraculous win against Jacksonville.  We got a winning touchdown, with a minute thirty left on the clock, it was thrilling.  And I credit Sam with being our Lucky Charm!    

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

The Christmas Concert

Last Thursday, Sam and his class had a Christmas Concert.  Each Grade gets their own concert, because the entire school's worth of parents just won't fit in the gym.  Frankly, the entire Third Grade's worth of parents don't fit in the gym.   Sam's 2/3 High Ability Class performed with the Third Graders.

There he is!  
Can you see Sam in the red sweater, and elf hat with red, white, and green. 
His had to have the Green Pom-pom! 

Unfortunately, they didn't put the class in order of child size. 
They should have.  
Consequently, Sam is on the lower right of the pic in the second row, where he's a bit hard to see, because the kid in front of him is as tall as he is on the step, and has hair.  


Christopher helped out because we couldn't see, and went over and did some recording on the other side of the gym.  

A class stepped away, and we got a good view of Sam for the length of one song! 

Can you spy Sam?

Finally he stepped out for his class's turn.   
There are 28 kids in his class.   

Sam was playing musical bangers.  


And Chris went to record some on his camera, but unfortunately, he'd recorded so much other stuff, mostly a video of kids he didn't know, he wasn't able to get all of Sam playing. 

Then they brought the kids down to the floor for a Dance.  
It was even harder to see Sam. 

We got this one shot, as he smiled at us at the end of the dance.  
Last to sit down, he let us know he was having a good time. 
We did too.  

Well Done Sam!

Friday, December 2, 2016

A Date

Sam and I had a date... in the middle of the week!  
Well, it wasn't exactly in the middle of the week, it was on a Thursday evening.  Apparently, on the First Thursday night of the month, the Indianapolis Art Museum (IMA) had Free Thursdays.  I haven't been to the Art Museum since they started charging 15$ per person.  Frankly, I think that's going to keep anyone with kids away.   And it's too bad, my Sam loves Art.  This past Spring, I went to the Chicago Institute of Art, and I kept thinking how much I'd love to take Sam.  Unfortunately, it never worked out.  But I kept thinking I wanted to kidnap him and take him to Chicago.   Eric (ever the wise) suggested that I take him to our local museum before going bonkers in Chicago.  
So a couple weeks ago, I showed him how easy it is to ask someone out, and I asked him out.  I asked if he'd like to go on a date.  And I suggested we do something non food.  He had initially asked for Orange Leaf (his favorite).  His first non food suggestion was Arby's.  Ummm... not quite.  Then I thought aloud, no more like the Art Museum, Children's Muse..... 

ART MUSEUM!  He loved that idea!  

Sam and I gussied up for our date.  Mommy even made him wait a moment while I put on makeup. ;)
I tried to teach him that when you go see Artists, like Art, or a concert, theatre, you dress a bit more formally than usual to show respect to the Artists, just like we do for Church.  

He got so pumped when he saw the luminaria lining the sidewalk leading to the Art Museum. 

Sam asked me to take this picture of him right outside.  
The entry has changed a bit since I used to come here when I was a student, it's more modern and fancy.   And they have escalators! 

The first wall painting in the giant foyer, we stopped for a selfie. :) 

Sam really likes Impressionists and Neo-impressionists.  There were a few Renessaince artists he liked too.  But pretty much it was those first rooms of European Impressionists he liked best.  

The Boy in chair looking at Modigliani's The Boy.  

The boy also likes his Van Gogh, Landscape at San Remy
Last spring, he told me Van Gogh was his favorite.  

Every room that had a sculpture in it, Sam had to check it out.  I enjoy paintings more than sculpture, but he seems to also enjoy sculpture as well as paintings.  He's not a fan of modern paintings.   We blew through the Chinese and Asian artifacts.  But we found a small corner niche of Indian Art, both North and South American artifacts, and he really was interested in that.  Maybe next time we hit up the Eiteljorg. 


As we came out of one exhibit through the giant two story foyer, Sam heard music.  We followed the sound, just in time for them to switch tunes.  It was a special reception, that we shouldn't have crashed, right next to the Asian Art exhibit.  But the gentlemen giving out nametags, said we could "cut through".  So we did, but ever so briefly, pausing to hear the Chinese band.  Very Cool.  

Before we knew it, we were hungry.  Note for next time, Eat First!   In this case, we meandered our way down to the IMA Cafe, which was still open at 7 pm, however, it had Nothing that would appeal to a 7 year old.  Nothing I could have talked any of the boys into eating, not even a grilled cheese. There was a cheese plate, but it was 15$ for mousy grapes, pale strawberries, and 4 small hunks of cheese (brie, manchego, bleu, and aged cheddar).  He didn't like the look of it.  And he was hungry.  So we left.  We actually ended up at Arby's, where he had requested initially anywho.  

On our way home, I asked him which painting was his favorite.  
He chose Dream of Spring.  
I hadn't thought to get a picture of it, though we did discuss it at some length

 Then we got to Arby's.  And we were starving.  And it was good. 

Brain Freeze. 

They have a special mint chocolate milkshake, topped with Andes mints.  Wickedly Awesome.
We shared it. ;)  A perfect ending to a perfect date. 

Wednesday, November 9, 2016


I love doing homework with Sam.  He's so smart, he thinks like I do.  It's easier when he and I can speak the same language.  Like today I was asking him how many days until Thanksgiving?  It was 24-9.  He couldn't quite do it in his head.  Bit I was able to talk him through 14-9, then add 10 more.  That he got.  We think a lot.  He is Sensitive like me.  I understand how hisind, and feelings work too.  He has so much , so many feelings, they overflow from his body, he doesn't quite know what to do.  Sometimes he shots down, falls into a ball, flops to the floor or table.  But I get that.  I used to be the same way.  His brain and heart work faster, and he doesn't stop to think things through.  Unfortunately, that sometimes means he does his homework fast, without thinking, too, just like I used to do.  I want to harness his powers for Good.

And Dang, he has Beautiful eyes.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Meeting Chloe

Brownsburg was blessed to have a local heroine on the Olympic Team.  Chloe Dygert was on the Cycling Team.  She got Silver!   And she's a graduate of Brown Elementary, so this week she came back to town, made the rounds, and spent the day with the kids at the Elementary School.  Each class got their picture taken with her, and Sam got to even touch the medal.  Wow!  I've never been that close to a medal.  So Cool! What a lucky duck!!

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Baby's First Football Game

My Dad had tickets to the a Colts Pre-season game, and he was able to get 2 extra tickets.  That doesn't happen very often.  But when he does, they usually ask for one grownup and one kid.  We decided it was Sam's turn.  He had begun actually paying attention to the games at the end of last season.  So we decided he was ready.  

Opa helped Hook him up!  He bought him one of these great foam fingers, and decorated him with tattoos on his face.  He was so excited to ride in Opa's Rocket Car!

Oma took this one from the top of the escalator, that Sam couldn't wait to ride.  

It was very kind of someone behind them to take a picture of them while they were at the game.  
They sent me this picture while they were at the game. 

That's Right!  It's Another "Indianapolis Colts.. FIRST DOWN!"

He got the idea, just got kind of tired about halftime, but he had a great time! 

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Gymnastics Camp

Sam has decided "His Sport" is Gymnastics.  After Chris got his Black Belt last Spring, he desperately wanted to start Gymnastics back up.   We decided that the summer was going to be too crazy for regular weekly classes with all the traveling we were going to do.  We chose to just enroll him in Gymnastics Camp at Fusion.  He hasn't done Gymnastics since last fall, so this was a great fix for him.

I wish I'd been able to get more pictures of him, but as it turns out he's very self sufficient and hops out of the car by himself to run in, and runs out to greet me on his own when I show up to pick him up.  So there was only one day where I got to snap a little bit of action.

There was only one day of misbehavior.  He crashed into someone accidently, and got a time out.  He said he apologized and didn't get heard.  He got upset about it, and started clawing at Miss Heather's mat on which he was doing his time.  He got yelled at by her (which has never happened in the history of both my children going there!) and did time in the lobby.   His temperament takes after me, he's sweet and sensitive, and has a red hot volcanic temper.  When he gets angry he shuts down and lashes out, and doesn't think, just acting with his heart.  And it's a big heart, so the emotions are just as big.   I'm not sure how to make it better, I try redirecting.  Sometimes that works.

He had a great time at Gymnastics Camp.   And I've missed being able to let him do it.  He tells me that Gymnastics is "his sport", just like his brother.  He's gonna get so pumped up watching Olympic Gymnastics here in a few weeks!