Monday, May 23, 2016

Sweet Sam Sayings

There were three bananas that were ready to turn, so this morning Eric made banana pancakes and bacon for breakfast before the rest of us came downstairs.  When Sam saw the table over flowing, he smiled, did a fist bump, and called, "Bacon!"   With Joy, he told us how "Bacon is my favorite meat!"  And then during the course of that first delicious bite, "Bacon tastes like all the things I love."

Yesterday morning, he lost a tooth in the night.  He was so proud of himself.  He said, "It's the Best one!"  He thinks that because it's the 7th tooth he lost, and he's 7 years old.
Unfortunately, the Tooth Fairy was a Royal Slacker last night.  She forgot.  Although Sam was sweet, he thought it might be because he was using a different pillow.  Yeah, that's probably it.  He has such a good heart.  He was teary when he told me.  It isn't the first time the Tooth Fairy has forgotten us, nor other people. It happens a lot.  I'm sure it's hard to be magical at the end of a long day.  Although, it we've also noticed that finding the golden dollar coins is getting harder.  She'll probably need to leave a note.

He was happily distracted though.  He went to the library and we checked out some Science books.  
This series of books by World Book, traditional makers of Encyclopedias, each have their own Scientific subject.  These things are great.  He blew through them all in like the first hour, but we're going to hang on to them a little longer so he can read them again. 

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